Recently I’ve begun to wake up before my alarm clock goes off.
I open the curtains and light incense with the scent of lemongrass.
As I drink warm herb tea, I turn my thoughts to what to do first at the start of the day
I love such time when I feel as if I’m opening a blank page of my pocket diary.

They say that rustling forest trees have a ‘1/f fluctuation’.
It’s a comfortable rhythm born of the harmony of regularity and irregularity.
The Fragrance of Tea Tree, too, rising into the air
Now Forte, now Pianissimo, fills my heart as it drifts.
Even after the fire goes out, that melody continues.

When I feel tired from continuing to concentrate during my work time,
I escape from reality, with the sweet fragrance of ylang-ylang.
During this short blank time, I empty my mind,
and make my breathing, which has become shallow, deep and slow.
Unwittingly I start to hum a tune and my thoughts start to revolve again.

It’s a rainy holiday, so today I won’t to go out
I will turn off the TV, my PC, and my smart phone for the day.
In the room Jazz and the fragrance of geranium flow softly.
A half-finished book in my hand, I find I’ve slipped into the dream for a while.
Just as I water my plants, it’s a time for me to nourish my heart

I have heard that writing something with a pen and paper at the end of a day organizes and stabilizes our mind.
I catch things that happened today, thoughts that rose and then disappeared from my mind, put them into words, and write them down on paper.
Surrounded by the fragrance of Lavender, I have a dialogue with myself.